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    • Profit from better benefits
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About Savepremium.ch

Savepremium.ch is an independent insurance expert. Especially for expats it´s important to have a partner to find the best insurance offers in Switzerland. We compare all insurance companies and find the best for you. We provide many insurance products: Health insurance, private liability, car insurance, legal protection, life insurance and for building capital life insurance and Pillar 3a. To save Premiums you really need to know exactly what kid of insurance you need and which services you really need. Sometimes you can save premiums with a supplementary insurance. Some insurance companies give you a great discount on your premiums if you take a supplementary insurance, so in the end you won’t pay more but have a lot of additional services.

About Pillar 3a

The Switzerland´s pension system is divided in three parts: The state pensions, the occupational benefits insurance an private pensions. People want to maintain their accustomed standards of living upon retirement. There is more money needed than from the AHV and pension fund expected. It´s the same in the event of death: Relatives are usually faced with an income gap. Pillar 3a is an flexible and individual addition to mandatory benefits insurance to close these pension gaps. Furthermore the contributions into a pillar 3a scheme are tax deductible. The tax savings could be up to 30% of the contribution.



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I was stunned by the great know-how of the save premium experts. Within 24 hours I've received an offer with an individual overview of the different benefits and coverages. Thanks for your splendid advice!

Caitlyn H.

I was able to save an immense amount of money thanks to savepremium.ch! They offered an individual and neutral consulting and I have even profited from the non smoker discount! Absolutely commendable!

Matthew L.

We can just say thank you to savepremium.ch! We were amazed by the efficient customer care and the friendly service. They've got special offers and discounts for their english speaking community and they also gave us very helpful tax and financial advice!

Abby H.